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Instructional CD – Great for learning tunes.  93 tracks offer 12 tunes broken down (Tune Group 1), phrase by phrase, with playalong track for each at a moderate speed.  Five listening tracks offer all 12 tunes plus 5 more, up to tempo, arranged in medleys.  Tuning tracks substitute for a pitchpipe.
Boston Hospitality -- Listening and dance music Ed Pearlman and Beth Murray (Robinson).  With guests Ruthie Dornfeld on fiddle, Barbara Russell on harp & bass, pipe sgt Gary McGrath on drum, and Doug Scott, hammered dulcimer.  Airs, strathspeys, reels, jigs, waltzes, tunes old and new.
Finger Finder – patented slide-rule invented by Ed Pearlman to show fingering patterns in all keys.  Pull out the inner card to find the key or key signature, and see a map of where your fingers need to be, as well as arpeggio notes.  For violin (incl. card for 2d/3d positions), fiddle/mandolin, or viola.
Scottish Fiddle Rally – Highlights from the first 10 years of a historic concert series, including soloists Alasdair Fraser, Natalie MacMaster, Aly Bain, Jerry Holland, and Buddy MacMaster, with  some group numbers by the Boston Scottish Fiddle Club.  

CD $15                Cassette (with bonus track) $6
Scottish Fiddle Rally cassettes – three cassettes each feature a Scottish and a Cape Breton fiddle soloist, plus group numbers by the Boston Scottish Fiddle Club.

$6 each
Alasdair Fraser and Buddy MacMaster
Tony Cuffe, Ed Pearlman, Carl MacKenzie and Doug MacPhee
Aly Bain and
Natalie MacMaster
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On the Edge -- Traditional Scottish fiddle but...On the edge of jazz.  Ed Pearlman, fiddle, and Neil Pearlman, piano, a unique listening experience.  Tightly interwoven, heartfelt, rhythmic.  Appearances by Laura Scott (rhythms) and Lilly Pearlman (fiddle).
Instructional CD #2 – 99 tracks include 11 tunes up to tempo (Tune Group 2), with tuning tracks, 7 harmonies to learn or play along with (6 from CD #1 tunes), and phrase by phrase breakdowns with playalong tracks for the 11 tunes.
“Adventurous. Honest.”
–Alasdair Fraser
“A real gem.”  –Ian Green, Greentrax Records, Scotland
“Milestone album.”
–Boston Globe
“Precious artistic jewel.”
–TACtalk, Canada

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Instructional CD 2

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On the Edge


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“I played it better at home”   now you can have your T-shirt say it for you!  100% cotton, available in sizes S, M, L (white only), XL (yellow only).



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For more information about Edward Pearlman’s fiction, and links to his writing for Scottish Life magazine, please see his Author page.  If you’ve purchased items from this Store, you can add books to your shopping cart on the Author page before checking out, if you like.

American Scottish

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American Scottish -- Traditional and contemporary Scottish & Cape Breton music from America, the crossroads of culture, with flavors of jazz and Latin, and special arrangements by Ed & Neil.

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New version – white cotton, color design – S,M,L sizes